- 1 -

Request an Estimate

Fill out the estimate request form. Click the Submit button to send the information. Within one working day you will receive a free estimate by email.

- 2 -

Post Your Camera

Along with your estimate you will also receive a pre filled out form with all your details. Simply print out and include this form with your camera and send to the address indicated on the form. If necessary detail all accessories included next to the ‘Accessories Included’ title.

- 3 -

We Make The Repair

Our engineer will inspect your camera and inform you if any additional parts are needed to complete the repair. Subject to your approval, and parts availability, the repair should take no longer than a working week.

- 4 -

We Send It Back

Upon completion we will contact you to arrange payment and then return your camera.

We also provide a 6 months guarantee on work carried out and parts used.

Why repair?

Most digital cameras purchased within the last few years can be repaired economically. Before throwing away your broken camera, why not get an estimate for the repair, you have nothing to lose.

Have you also considered:

  • You have grown comfortable with the functionality and features of your camera and do not want to learn a new one
  • You have a significant investment in lenses and other accessories that might not be compatible with a new unit
  • The environmental impact of disposing of your old camera, when you could repair it.