Compact Camera Repair

An increasingly popular sector of the camera industry comes in the form of the Compact Camera, or hybrid camera.

Compact Cameras (hybrid cameras), are designed for buyers seeking a camera that offers lots of creative control, high image quality and the option to attach different lenses, but who don’t usually want the bulk of a fully blown DSLR. Some are almost as big as a DSLR but offer a different user experience, due to the camera’s shape and design. Some use a smaller sensor, while we’re also increasingly seeing great feats of design where the sensor is large, but the body remains small for the best of both worlds.

We know that although great care is taken to look after these camera’s sometimes knocks and issues arise that need attention. We at Camera Repair Direct are here to help with these problems.

Lens repairs £40.00
LCD repairs £45.00
Circuit repairs £45.00

*Prices includes minor parts
**Prices are subject to VAT